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This category includes the ability to set the number of clones to be created, to change the cloning speed and to set the fadeout delay. One of the biggest changes though is the ability to edit DNA types. Several new DNA types are added and several existing DNA types can now be edited. These include the basic DNA types, structural DNA types, the Cg-DNA, the Large DNA and the Genetics, which is a modified version of the DNA. The text and tool bar have been modified to make it easier to work with the editing tools. Clicking on one of the base in the base editor will highlight all bases at that level and clicking on a base in the area of the text editor will mark all bases at that level. The base editors has been heavily rewritten and several new parts of the code have been added. To make sure the clone settings are kept and apply the changes, the cloning machine has been turned into a singleton. Cloning Machines now have the Get To Work folder which is used for storing the clones, the Clone Settings and the settings for cloning. Because of this, cloning machines no longer have a 'clone settings' tab, but instead the settings for cloning can be accessed by double clicking on the Cloning Settings category in the Clone Settings dialog. The Clone Settings dialog is the main dialog that has been created to work with Cloning Machines. When a new cloning machine is loaded, it will first check if it is possible to open the Clone Settings dialog. If the cloning machine is not setup as a singleton, the cloning machine will set the clone settings using the settings from the clone settings dialog. This means that if the Clone Settings dialog is modified, it is applied to all clones and the clone settings will not be lost. This also means that the Clone Settings dialog can be used to configure several cloning machines at once. Multiple types of DNA can now be loaded. The DNA loaded will be referenced as'mod.{filename}' where {filename} is the filename with the for the Cg-DNA,.lg-DNA for the Large DNA and.genetics for the Genetics. Clicking on one of the DNA types will load the DNA with the same name. If the DNA can not be loaded, an error message will appear. This should be fixed in the next update, although it is not known if the error message will be modified as well. TLA is a new system for breeding clones. As T




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